Surveying is one of the prime services that we excel in at Redan Geomatics Pvt. Ltd. We provide customized solutions that are effective, efficient and reasonable.

The resources that we provide are: The industries that we serve are:
GPS Energy
Surveying equipment Public works
Surveying Stations Infrastructure
Data Collection Military
Some of our surveys Geospatial
Land Survey    
From providing the sketch of the area that highlights all the important points to designing the landscape in an efficient manner, we are there for your help.
Canal Survey    
With the use of latest technology and equipment the surveys are a great help for engineers and architects.
Road Survey    
These help in determining condition of the road and suggest the location of a void or gap that can be dangerous.
City Survey    
The data collected during a survey can be transferred into the system and then used as a Cad file.
Contour Survey    
The contour survey helpsin analyzing the contour lines that represents a particular elevation.
Railway line Survey    
Our expertise, best in class services and use of latest technology and equipment has helped us gain a reputation for ourselves in the railways sector.
Bridge Survey    
The 3D data collected using latest technology is used by engineers for construction and restoration of bridges.
Pipeline Survey water, oil, sewage, irrigation and gas pipelines    
The reliable and competent surveys are helpful for installation and maintenance of pipelines.
Transmission line Survey    
These surveys are carried out under the supervision of a highly qualified team to ensure accurate results.
Topographical Survey    
Our effective surveys are helpful during the initial stages of infrastructure development.
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